Sermon Series and Special Sermons

Every now and then Pastor Vic and Associate Pastor Josh like to do a "series" of messages. Each message will relate to a certain thought or subject. These message outlines are great for conducting a series of messages or Bible studies whether it be personal or in a group setting.


These outlines and audio sermons are available for use by missionaries, pastors, evangelists, teachers, and for personal Bible studies. Let it be known that these outlines are, in no way, claimed to have been authored entirely by Pastor Vic Redding, Associate Pastor Josh Maness or any other contributor. Though many have been authored in part or in entirety by those mentioned, pastors and preachers often draw on the ideas of others before and study the materials of one another in loving collaboration, with the mission of sharing the Word of God.

Drawing the
Final Destination:

Where will you spend eternity?

 Living Above The Ordinary
Turning an Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Life
Down but Not Out A series about the people God used during times when they thought there was no hope
Mirrors of the Christian Life
A series challenging you to see yourself as others see you

What to do With Life's Problems

A series dealing with the things that get us down in our daily lives


Parables of Jesus
A series that examines the teachings of Jesus' ministry

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