Prayer Requests

Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and supplication is made. Prayer is the place of admitting our need, of adopting humility, and claiming dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of the Christian. Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope. Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. James 4:8 says: "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded."


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Requests Submitted From Members

- Carolyn Lawson's brother who recently suffered a stroke (prayers needed physically and more importantly, spiritually)

- Pastor Vic's cousins; one had to have a toe amputated, and another is facing issues with adopting a child

- Pastor Vic has an appointment at the cancer center this Friday

- Preacher Gary Brown's wife from Christian life FWB church in Lexington, NC - She has lung cancer

- Preacher Cecil Tucker's son who has thyroid cancer

- Kids and teachers as they begin returning to school

- Preacher Josh and the children he ministered to at camp this week

- Craig Whitehead's mother

- Mrs. Ann as she deals with foot pain

- Niki's mom - has gallstones and may be facing gallbladder surgery

- Mrs. Jane and the issues going on with her throat

- David and Barbara's friend Jerry who is struggling with panic attacks

- Brother Joe's wife

- Arrington Heights FWB Church as they look for a pastor

- Steve and Lisa Miller's children who are lost

- Barbara Dinkins and her health concerns

- Miss Betty's friend Ida, who has cancer

- Miranda and Tim Owensby

- Marcus - looking for part time work; unspoken requests

- David and Lecia Handy - both struggling with health issues

- Tracy's sons in Arizona - dealing with recovery; her cousin in Texas who is still trying to recover from a car accident

- Crystal and Steve Forcum - prayers needed as their house is restored from the tree damage

- Troy and Layla Redding

- Randy and Karen

- Chris Cole

- Benjamin Forcum

- Miss Betty and her mother

- David and Erin Neal

- Pete and Anita Bell *ANSWERED PRAYER* Mrs. Anita's trach has been removed so she can talk again

- Gary and Kaye Maness. They are both looking for jobs.

- Linda and Shannon Bouyer - health

- Mrs. Jane's Mother, Mrs. Yates - dealing with Alzheimers; beginning to lose motor functions

- Wednesday Night Bible Study

- Preachers Vic Redding and Josh Maness - strength and encouragement as they do God's will


Requests Submitted From the Web

- Pray for my family - John, Loretta, and Demitri Stirewalt. We have unspoken requests. Also pray that God opens doors for our ministry.

- Pastor Javed Masih - pray for his ministry in Pakistan and the needs for a new church building.

- Our pastor friend in the Philippines

- George Langley and his gospel group "Calvary's Love"

- Pastor Mohana in India. He ministers to Hindu groups in his area sharing the gospel of Christ.

- Pastor Thomas Javed in Pakistan. "I am working with orphan children and another poor peoples and children."

- Thomas Roberts in Hawaii. Pray for continued strength and growth in knowledge of the Lord.

- Ratna Ongole - pray for his ministry in India.

- Wayne Porter and his gospel group "Walking Miracle"

- Moses Buyinza Lugudi, a 22 year old college student in Uganda from the Bugiri district. Asks for prayers for continuance in the Gospel

  as well as to see a church planted in his area.

- Vijay Chinny "please pray for me and my life"

- Giri Kumar Salagla, President of Christ's Companion Ministries in Kadiyam, India

- Pastor Sanjay, Sahara Orphanage in Nagpur, India

- Pastor Arasavilli Wilson in Chandigarh, India

- Pastora Noelle Sy Ibanez in Quezon City, Philippines

- Little Children Faith Foundation in Pakistan

- Pastor Herly Herickson Tabigne of KJV Gospel Light Baptist Church in Cagayan, Philippines

- Senior Pastor Ratnam Taneti of Maruteru Gospel Church in Andhra Pradesh, India. Prayers for outreach and orphans.

- Evangelist Russ Milby from Harrodsburg, Kentucky

- Pastor Richard Aggrey from Ghana

- Minister Perumallapelli Brao of Jesus Christ Holy Ministries in Telungana, India requests prayer for his mission needs.

- Rolando Albia from Whitehouse, Texas asks prayer for the ministry in the Philippines that souls be saved and baptized.

- Preacher Tony Murphy from Morganton, North Carolina requests prayer for a church to pastor

- Evangelist Hansi Karoni in Gojra, Pakistan

- Lipi Boiragi in Bangladesh. They are doing work for Campus Crusades for Christ ministering to Muslim students.

- Stephen Olagoke Ojo in Lagos, Nigeria requests prayer for dealing with spritual battles.

- Pastor Joseph Olloo in Kenya desires missionaries for their area.

- Pastor William Sifuna of Gospel Oasis Worship Assembly in Bungoma, Kenya

- Pastor Freddie Briones in Vigan, Philippines

- Pastor David Raju asks prayer for their ministires in Visakhapatnam, India

- Missionary Abel Dimatulae in Angeles City, Philippines

- Pastor Deo Pagadora in Eastern Samar, Philippines requests prayer for the rebuilding of their building that was washed

  out during typhoon Yulanda.

- Michael and Kay Phillips, missionaries from South Carolina who have spent the past 10 years in China but were recently deported for

  their "religious activity". They are back in the US but are looking at going to Cambodia or Bulgaria.

- Waseem Yousaf from Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is the founder of Faith Warriors Ministry and they focus on ministering to the youth in

   their area.

- Chris Garceau in Ohio prayers for health and healing.

- Srujana mission in India - Our burden is to reach the lost souls and proclaim the Living word to win them for Christ until His Second

  Coming. Also we help Orphans & widows whenever God provides us believing that “whatever we do for one of the least of these

  brothers and sisters of God, we do for Him”

- Soman Mathews requests prayers for his immediate Promotion in Office, so that he can help many and can donate more for Gospel

  Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh, India. (He has been praying and waiting for this Promotion since 2006)

- Ratnam Taneti from Assist Ministries requests prayers for the orphans in their area of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

- Wyclife Munyao requests prayer for the people in their area of Thika, Kenya that they would come to know Christ.

- Preacher Sunil Theodore Benjamin from the northern part of India for his mission work to the Hindu and Muslim people of their area.

- Edgar and Thea Asuncion and their children as they do mission work in Cambodia.

- Daniel Lincoln - "The Lord had called to spread His message to our people, and we minister at the Church, Bible College and Bible

   Institutes, and in Church planting in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra and Odisha states (all in India)."

- Paul Mtakimwa from Tanzania, East Aftrica. Asks for missionaries to come and spread the gospel in their area.

- Good Samaritan Ministries

- Angela Collins Umfleet from Abingdon, VA: "need prayers for family.. God knows the situation"

- "Dear brethren in Christ, our hearts is spiritually touched with your encouragement reading from your website kindly please share

   more with us and help us with your teaching materials for they will help us in our fellowship here here in KENYA and win more souls

   to Christ Jesus we pray request you kindly if you have Bibles to send to us that Lord will lead you to come and share the word of God

   with us we hope that God bless us to share more in his kingdom and pray for the 14 orphans who worship with as happy to read from

   you in Jesus name.. Yours in Christ Pastor Ontiri"

- Cindy. She is 15 and has leukemia.

- Lorraine Harris - dealing with lung problems

- Karen Glenn - has breast cancer [UPDATE: Karen is now CANCER FREE!]

- Lindsey Whitson's mother - has been recently diagnosed with melanoma in her lungs.

- "Please pray that sooner than soonest I will be able to raise enough funds to purchase 20 dump trucks for our hauling project and

   that God will collect sooner than soonest the money owed by Julianna L., Mary Jane O. and Michael D. in this time of dire need -

   these we lift up to Abba Father in Jesus Christ of Nazareth's Mighty Name Amen." -JoJo from the Philippines

- "My father Rudy has a rare gallbladder cancer. Please please join me in praying for my father’s well being, for him to be completely

   healed. I am also praying for my father’s spiritual side, praying that he will let the Lord work in his life and follow God’s words and be

   able to entirely surrender to the Almighty and that he will live for so many years and share to people of God’s blessings and

   goodness. Please pray for him. Thank you." Jennifer Sano from the Philippines.

- "Restoration for my family and marriage Lift Tyson and Debbie marriage up and rebuke divorce. Strong prayers for my children

   during all of this.. Tyson and his family are trying to turn my children against me. Please strong prayer to turn this situation around

   and give us all strength and peace" -Debbie from the US

- Yousaf Masih and his organization Spiritual Life Church Ministry. They are in need of donations for the orphans in Lahore, Pakistan.

- Global Compel Outreach Ministries and it's founders, Pastor David and Pastor Johnson. They are praying for a revival in India.

- John Rumley from Northside Baptist in Greensboro. Recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

- Cedric White from the US "Lord let not my heart be troubled; prayer for sister brittany for a job "

- From Malaysia "Dear wonderful Ministers, My name is Jegan. We have 4 childrens by god grace. After 7 years on month of august my

  wife conceived. Currently, the baby is having some difficulties to grow due to amniotic fluid is very less. My wife has diabetic and this

  can be a reason, as per doctor. This issue can make baby hard to survive or can born abnormal. Please pray for the mother and god’s

  gift in womb for their healing. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You"

- Rajesh Tataputi from India " Dear Brother in Christ , We have ministry name called christian Grace ministries and running

  orphanage,pastors fellowship and poor widows . Right now , we unable to do so .Please pray for us In His love"

- Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my

  wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2.

  God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,studying for Peter, working for Edmund,

  Dorothy and Ann( Ann need husband), 3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Great

  stress and continuous attacks from bosses. I work in insurance corporation as programmer. Thank you. Edmund Krzeminski from


- Udayakanthan from Sri Lanka "praise the lord wife (kanaga) should love me and forgetting all difference and she forget everthing

  and start loving me back there should ant separation or idea od divouse should eliminated from her mind we should live happy

  loving wife with any external or internal interference even from her parents or family member. I want my old kanag back and all new

  behaviour should change she have more affection on me."

- Greetings brethren in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the post at your facebook page. I and my Wife are so

  glad regarding of what happening of your Church during Lord's day. Please pray for the ministry of the Lord here in our place in

  Mimdanao island, Philippines. Please include in your prayers that God will give us a new place to be rented for our new meeting

  place wherein we can gather together in Sunday worship. We are small congregation but we desire ro grow in God's grace through

  His Word. -Noel Talisay

- Jojo from the Philippines "Please pray that God ensures the successful completion of our real estate transactions in Alabang, Bugo

  CDO, Cubao, Ortigas Edsa, Port Area, Makati and other commercial buildings, Taguig, Indang Cavite and other rawlands, Antipolo,

  Katipunan and all of our hauling projects. If God is willing we are claiming the success of all the aforementioned in Jesus Mighty

  Name Amen"

- Keith Simmons from Kernersville, NC. He's recovering from a massive stroke.

- Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for over 5 months and can't get

  rid of them without GOD. Bed bugs suck your blood when your sleeping and take away your peace of mind. When you think you

  might have gotten rid of them ,they return. In JESUS Name Pray GOD removes all bed bugs from the house i live in and they never

  return. Pray no bed bug from my house ends up in anyone else s house...2... I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD

  brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen. Pray GOD brings me relationship

  exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.

- Please pray for, My concerns for the job security, To publish of my papers successfully, To secure good ranks in all my tests, To start

  out a doctorate soon. Please pray for my success in life. Also, please pray for the people who prayed for me, to be richly blessed.

  Please pray that every person, animal and bird around me in my daily life, never to be in pain. - Pratheep Kumar, India

-  I had finished my high school exams on May 28 and I had graduated high school on May 30. Because I am finished with high school I

   still have not yet decided on what I want to do after school so please pray so that I may be able to find a full time job. - Submitted

   from Jonathan Ashbeckin in Laona, Wisconsin

-  Lord I demand let not my heart be trouble; Prayer for brother Paul I demand let not his heart be trouble. From Cedric White in NC

- Eddy and Amanda Simmons, new FWBIM missionaries to the Samburu people of Kenya in Matthews, NC

- Please pray for my dad Mr Gaspar Dsousa who is critical in the ICU in mumbai. Please pray for him. From Felicia in Mumbai, India


   RECOVERY PRAISE LORD. Submitted from Sreeramulu in Visakhapatnam; Andhra Pradesh, India.

- Natasha Charlton's father; his health isn't doing well

- Allajah McCummings; recently found out she's anemic because she had been passing out. She broke her elbow







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