Applied Christianity

The book of James was written to Christians and it is to be used as a guide for day to day living. We are to live for Christ as he would have us live. This means every aspect of our lives - our thoughts, behaviors, words, and most importantly, our actions.
Having a Good Attitude
James 1:1-4
Who is James?
Introduction to James Dealing with Difficulty
James 1:5-12
Where Will Trouble Come From?
James 1:13-18
Faith Without Works
James 2:14-26
Should We Play Favorites? James 2:1-13
Twisted Wisdom
James 3:13-18
Preparing for Troubles James 1:19-27 Misusing the Tongue
James 3:1-12
Overcoming Temptation
James 4:6-10
Handling Conflict
James 4:1-5 Living with Other People James 4:11-17
Review Questions Questions, Answers, and Scripture References
Living as an Example James 5

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